What is the ECO Scheme?

LPG Boiler Grants are available from the Government's ECO SchemeThe ECO Scheme is a Government initiative designed to help low income households save money on their heating bills. It does this by providing LPG boiler grants and Oil boiler grants to replace faulty and inefficient boilers with more energy efficient ones.

By replacing old, inefficient LPG boilers with new A-rated boilers you will not only cut your heating bills, you’ll also reduce carbon emissions from your home. This helps the Government to meet its carbon emission reduction targets.

The ECO Scheme also provides grants to replace faulty or inefficient electric storage heaters and to install cavity wall insulation or loft insulation. LPG Boiler Grants and LPG Boiler Grants are available in England, Scotland and Wales and they are non-repayable.

ECO Scheme 2018

The current version of the ECO Scheme is due to end in September 2018. However, the Government has indicated that it may continue after that date with a greater emphasis on tackling fuel poverty suffered by low income households.

ECO funding for replacement gas boilers has been severely restricted and may not be available to all new applicants. LPG boiler grants and Oil boiler grants are not affected and a Government announcement is expected over the coming months.

How does the ECO Scheme work?

5 Easy Steps to a Brand New A-Rated LPG Boiler or LPG Boiler in Your Home

LPG Boiler Grants in the UK

Are Free LPG Boilers still available from the ECO Scheme?

Yes, for some applicants.

Some applicants who qualify for LPG boiler grants and Oil boiler grants will get a free boiler installed with funding from the ECO Scheme.

However, we can’t calculate the value of LPG boiler grants exactly until we have carried out a Free Survey of your home and your heating system. We will then be able to advise you whether you will receive a free LPG boiler or whether there may be a contribution to make.

The older and less efficient your existing LPG boiler is, the greater your LPG boiler grant could be, and the more likely you are to qualify for free A-rated LPG boiler than a subsidised one. Also, larger and older properties tend to attract higher LPG boiler grants than small, modern homes.

You can check whether you are eligible for an LPG boiler grant by completing the short online form.

Who Qualifies for LPG Boiler Grants?

To qualify for an LPG Boiler Grant you must meet ALL 3 of the following criteria:

  • You live in your own home or a privately rented one. (Council, Housing Association and Shared-ownership homes are excluded from the ECO Scheme).

  • You must receive one of the following State Benefits or Tax Credits:

    • Guaranteed Pension Credit
    • Child Tax Credit*
    • Working Tax Credit*
    • Universal Credit*
    • Income-Related ESA
    • Income-Based JSA

    * These benefits are subject to maximum household income thresholds.

  • You must have an oil boiler installed in your home which is no better than C-Rated for energy efficiency OR, is A-Rated or B-Rated and would cost more to repair than to replace.

What types of ECO Grants are available?

Complete the online form to check which of the following ECO Grants you are eligible for:

LPG Boiler Grants are available from the ECO Scheme

LPG and LPG Boiler Grants

LPG Boiler Grants and Storage Heater Grants from the ECO Scheme

Electric Storage Heater Grants

Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

LPG Boiler Grants and Loft Insulation from the ECO Scheme

Loft Insulation Grants

The ECO Scheme is funded by the main energy suppliers, including British Gas, EDF Energy, E-on, nPower, Scottish & Southern Energy and Scottish Power.

LPG Boiler Grants are funded by British Gas
LPG Boiler Grants are funded by EDF Energy
LPG Boiler Grants are funded by E-on UK
LPG Boiler Grants are funded by nPower
LPG Boiler Grants are funded by Scottish and Southern Energy
LPG Boiler Grants are funded by Scottish Power

Which areas are covered by the ECO Scheme?

The Government’s ECO Scheme provides heating and insulation grants in England, Scotland and Wales.

Householders who live in areas without mains gas have to rely on other, more expensive forms of heating such as oil or LPG boilers.

This map shows which areas of the UK are likely to have no mains gas supply. The darker the blue shading the less likely an area is to have a mains gas supply.

We have been helping householders to apply for ECO Grants since the scheme started in 2013 and the areas where householders are more likely to qualify for LPG Boiler Grants and Oil Boiler Grants are:

UK Map showing areas more likely to qualify for oil boiler grants